Saturday, July 24, 2021


Regarding that quote above I can state that I've had several of them in my life. Certainly the towering achievement for which I received credit and acclaim was my exposing of both Varnicolor Chemical in Elmira and the Ontario Ministry of Environment as complete fakes, charlatans and liars with no limits or concerns for the public interest. There have also been some glorious days regarding Uniroyal Chemical and their dishonesty over the decades. Pre-Internet times I had uncovered Brian Beatty's (Morrison & Beatty) nonsense regarding a DNAPL (Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquid) report written by hydrogeologist Stan Feenstra. Back in May 2014 I discovered the Stroh Drain which has hounded Chemtura and Lanxess ever since. This of course was immediately after George Karlos of the Ontario Ministry of Environment solemnly, publicly announced to CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) that he had personally walked the Chemtura property from the south-east corner over to the Stroh property and then southwards and he assurred CPAC that there was no possible pathway for contaminant travel from Uniroyal/Chemtura over to those properties (Stroh & Martin). A couple of either aerial or satellite photos had an odd curve from Chemtura over to the Stroh property that almost looked like the results of massive water flow. It turns out that both the flooding Canagagigue Creek and overflowing Uniroyal Chemical waste waters followed the same path. Who could have guessed? Also prior to May 2014 the Stroh Drain had always been left off, eradicated or removed from maps and photos with but one very old exception that I am aware of. ........................................................................................................... Of course these ah ah! moments have been interspersed with decades of falsehoods, blatant lies, coverups, denials and every form of deceit imaginable. Writing my book "The Elmira Water Woes: The Triumph Of Collusion, Deceit and Citizen Betrayal" was also a huge high for me. While it remains somewhat low key on-line (Waterloo Region Advocate) nevertheless it is there for both my and others to research and review the truth. So if there is one takeaway for polluters, their enablers and other professional liars it is this. Eventually the truth comes out and your behaviour, whether just nasty or criminal, will be exposed. Who knows maybe there is still a chance for this old dog to have his day yet again.

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