Thursday, August 27, 2020


Sad but hardly surprising. I've known since the deaprture of Dr. Richard Jackson and the start of the tenure of Ms. Svensson as TAG Chair on January 2017 that Sandy Shantz and her fellow travellors on Woolwich Council were unlikely to make the same mistake again and hire someone as TAG Chair that could not be kept in check. This is not to suggest that Ms. Svensson is not a good person or that she is unqualified. Far from it. Unfortunately unlike Dr. Jackson who was at the end of an illustrious professional career, Ms. Svensson apparently is willing to take orders from self-serving idiots paying her wages. I'm sure there are readers who would applaud her for being loyal to her employers, be they the Township or Lanxess Canada. I'm not one of them however I will not condemn her for so doing. Just disappointed as she's been Chair long enough to see what's going on. ........................................................................................................ Two weeks ago today (Aug. 13/20) I advised readers that Ms. Svensson had sent me a response to my initial August 8/20 e-mail insisting that if I was going to the time and trouble to present a written, detailed and well researched Delegation to TAG, then I certainly expected a specific justification for her and TAG's refusal to accept the basis of my Delegation. A reason, a rationale or even some contrdictory evidence that would explain their bizarre, to me, refusal to accept that water flows downhill to the lowest lying elevation of ground. Since then NOTHING. ....................................................................................................... O.K. so be it. TAG does not have a reason other than they've been "told". Fine. End of the line. No more written Delegations from me and certainly a hell of a lot less respect if you can't respond appropriately, whether so ordered or not. Show some backbone.


  1. Shame but guess you must accept it and move on to what I have no idea. Your forehead must be swore from continuing to bang it on the wall with little or no results and or paths forward.

  2. Of course it is becoming common knowledge especially in Elmira that Woolwich is corrupt and in this case is probably negligent from a Tort perspective.

    In hindsight it is PAINFULLY obvious that discovery in a civil case would have been the best way to expose the truth AND the relevant facts.

    Document carefully TAGS denial and refusal and potential contributory negligence especially anything and everything from the chair with regards to elevations and obvious drainage and seepage of chemicals and her position on gravity in relation to the facts.

    Mayor and Councillors are more lazy than ever and love to delegate out all the real hard work and especially anything that is distasteful.

    Ms Svennson is in the most critical position right now and she has had the opportunity to face the truth and make her separate and individual position as to whether the truth will be buried or not.

    Ms Svensson especially cannot get away with denying GRAVITY and the obvious based on the documented facts and corroborated evidence and this is the trap that can/will sink her credibility! Several key people under her leadership in TAG know this and this has already been disclosed some time ago.

    The "officials" in charge intend to literally and figuratively bury everything no matter what it costs us in the longterm.

    Now would be a good time for the Chair of TAG to be a hero and come forward and admit the truth so the public would actually have something to get behind and support!

    Good job Mr. Marshall but we the people desperately need Ms Svensson to do the right thing RIGHT NOW.

  3. give me one valid reason that TAG chair Svensson is NOT actually instrumental in the coverup? I now suspect she is the "SKIP"

  4. I can't prove that she is not "instrumental" in the coverup. Her predecessor as TAG Chair (Dr. Richard Jackson) certainly wasn't. Likely there are varying levels of complicity including being a "fellow travellor" versus actively being involved in promoting falsehoods.

  5. She is the "Skip" !