Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Puffery and bullshit are the defining characteristics that enable certain employees to advance. Most certainly they are needed in abundance to advance within the Ministry of Environment C&P as well as within the Ministry of Labour and the WSIB (Workplace safety & Insurance Board) formerly the Workmen's Compensation Board (WCB). The WCB began rotten to the core and remains so to this day. I do not blame Mr. Paul Demers for his optimism. He has just spent a year and a half writing a detailed report for the Ministry of Labour who ordered the report in January 2019 AFTER the Waterloo Region Record "...published multiple stories exposing how hundreds of sick rubber workers and their families in Waterloo Region had their claims for compensation rejected...".

The glare of media exposure and the accompanying tarnishing of the WSIB's stature, integrity and honesty was the motivating factor for the Ministry of Labour to take action. Sort of, that is. They ordered a report...Woo hooo! They also talked the talk while blissfully and intentionally NOT walking the walk. They made all the right noises. They will continue to bafflegab and bull.... Ontario workers in order to keep insurance premiums low even for repeat offenders (employers) who rely on other employers to make safe workplaces while they themselves get a free ride. It's a free ride when they can't be sued by their injured workers and their bad safety records are spread over the whole province and subsidized by the good employers.

By the way the WSIB reviewed 300 previously denied worker compensation claims from former Kitchener rubber workers and reversed the decision on a grand total of 31 claims. All the while keeping up their bull....about scientific evidence being difficult, scarce or inconclusive. Put those pieces of crap into the same factories working for a week and see how quickly they change their attitudes. Human beings in 2020 should not have to be killing themselves in order to make a living. The Record's story titled "Review calls for changes to WSIB" was published on July 11, 2020.

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