Thursday, July 30, 2020


Section 6.3 (Conclusions and Recommendations) are on pages 15 and 16. They are in my opinion typical of Uniroyal/Lanxess and CRA/GHD Conclusions over the last thirty years regarding each and every environmental report published. In other words they are incredibly self-serving, highly subjective and not remotely objective. For example allegedly the extent of groundwater contamination beneath the Stroh property has now been fully delineated. That is absolute bull with only six or seven shallow wells along the Lanxess/Stroh border and only three wells (OW 188- OW 190) both shallow and deep, 240 metres to the east allegedly encompassing the entire Stroh farm and property. Rubbish and nonsense! Also keep in mind that there are multiple aquifers (UA1, UA3, MU, ML, BR) below ground not just one Upper Aquifer (UA1, UA3) and not just one deeper aquifer (MU, ML, Bedrock). The Stroh property goes both much further east as well as much further south and east with the entire Stroh Drain, Ditch & Berm (SDDB) plus areas that it is draining both ground and surface water. Some of both of these are still coming from the Lanxess property. The Conclusions claim falsely with little or no credible science behind them that there are no receptors being impacted. That claim is beyond contemptible. As long as the polluter makes sure that he doesn't test huge expanses of the Stroh property and that he doesn't do a biological study of animals in and around the SDDB who are drinking the water, then he can make and will make all the phony claims that he wants. The Conclusions claim that the groundwater flow directions combined with natural attenuation "...have maintained the integrity of MA groundwater quality beneath the Property...". Again those idiots pretend that detections of NDMA, 2,4 dichlorophenol and 2,4,6 trichlorophenol albeit mostly below the Ontario Drinking Water Standards somehow are O.K. That is just disgusting. They are toxins and should never be in the natural environment at any concentration and begs the question as to how bad they were decades ago. It also begs the question if you have found concentraions 240 metres cross-gradient and off-site why aren't you looking further? Finally they are intentionally ignoring the change in shallow groundwater flow direction caused by the Stroh Drain since 1983. That Drain is pulling contaminated Uniroyal/Lanxess groundwater off-site and over to the Stroh property. Lastly GHD reccommend that all the monitoring wells on the Stroh property should be sealed and abandoned. Good job you @#$%^&*(. Make certain that second or third rounds of testing don't embarass you further. In other words cut and run and bury the evidence behind you. Beyond contemptible.

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  1. They are denying the most basic Natural Laws and this makes it also obvious that the property owner is complicit in the coverup. It looks real bad for both the chemical company and the farm owners. I cannot help but imagine Adolph Hitler in the bunker, what on earth does one (anyone) do with so much guilt?