Wednesday, July 8, 2020


The above headline is from the K-W Record May 8, 2012 edition. It is an Editorial done by the Record in response to Woolwich Township endorsing their committee's determination that the 2028 mandatory deadline wasn't going to happen. Dr. Gail Krantzberg of McMaster University who has extensive experience dealing with contaminated sites had been hired by CPAC/Woolwich to look at the current cleanup plans of the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and Chemtura Canada. She found them wanting badly.

The Record are appalled at the time that's already transpired and the provincial government's "insipid" response of "trust us, the cleanup is working". The Record describe this as totally inadequate and they are correct. Besides Dr. Krantzberg's opinion there are experts in biology, hydrogeology and remediation sitting on CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) who all agree that the 2028 cleanup is not going to happen with the current plan of hydraulic containment.

Of course all the vested interests and guilty parties howled in outrage at both CPAC's position and Woolwich Township's endorsement of them. History would prove a mere three years later that the MOE and Chemtura combined with a new more reactionary Woolwich Council had the solution. It was to attack and slander CPAC, get rid of them and start with a totally new and mostly inexperienced committee of Council namely TAG and RAC. TAG in hindsight have worked diligently despite their overall inexperience whereas RAC were nothing but the same old bureaucrats and agencies that have always been part of the status quo and the "trust us" environment.

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