Wednesday, February 12, 2020


The one word answer is "Delay". The three word answer is "Delay", "Delay", "Delay". There is however much more than that. It includes local political control, however accomplished. It also includes media control, however accomplished. Our local media suffered a terrible setback in the summer of 2015 when the Elmira Independent closed it's doors. Our one remaining LOCAL media (Observer) seems quite obviously constrained in their coverage of anything to do with Chemtura/Lanxess. Yes they have done good things in covering the political scandals and fiascos revolving around creative election finance reporting and as well council misbehaviour involving local environmentalists in 2016 namely Dr. Dan Holt and myself. They also covered well the removal of CPAC in 2015 by Woolwich Council (i.e. Sandy & Mark) along with the manufactured "crisis" to justify it. What they are reusing to do is to cover ANY of the public RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) and TAG (Technical Advisory Group) meetings. If they want to justify that by claiming that those two groups are impotent, then fine, do so publicly and loudly!

With that as a background the rest of the polluter's strategy is much simpler. They simply ignore criticism whether constructive or not. They often don't respond to it in writing. I've lost count of how many excellent TAG criticisms have either gone unanswered or at best answered along the lines of well let's see what further develops before we make any adjustments etc. As far as my written comments to the MOE, Lanxess, GHD, TAG, RAC I usually don't get either verbal or written comments. Regarding the Stroh Drain, Ditch & Berm (SDDB) I was permitted an informal, after the TAG meeting discussion with Lanxess and GHD. Of course these discussions neither made the Minutes nor the newspaper for the reasons mentioned above.

As far as testing the soils, sediments etc. in and around the SDDB, Lanxess and GHD make excuses, including ridiculous ones and refuse outright. Meanwhile it's been so obvious for decades that the polluter's "regulator" has been "captured" that I almost didn't include that as part of the Chemtura/Lanxess strategy.


  1. It will always be true that one or all will receive the MOST resistance when directly on target! Only true discovery will expose cause of action of gross negligence!

  2. What happened to the reporters that used to cover stuff regarding Lanxess and their current bullshittery?

    They're all gone now. Faisal Ali seems to be one of the more recent ones who is no longer writing articles?