Monday, December 23, 2019


As per the front page (and more) of the November 2019 Lanxess Progress Report we have an acknowledgement that due to pumping well #4 (PW4) not operating the site is discharging contaminants into the Elmira Aquifers. I don't know whether to be appalled or perhaps reassured that Lanxess and their consultants GHD are admitting to it. I believe that this happened on a regular basis over the decades only we the public have been misled about it. Well CH-47E is one of a number of "Sentry" wells just off the west side of the Lanxess property. Concentrations of both NDMA and chlorobenzene have been rising since the on-site pumping wells PW4 and PW5 in combination have not been pumping at their Target rates.

Following is a partial listing of concentrations of toxic contaminants on the Lanxess site sampled in October of this year. This is what is slowly leaking off-site now and will continue to do so over the upcoming decades whenever the pumps either slow down or stop.

Dinitrotoluene 160 parts per billion (ppb), mercaptobenzothiazole 9,200 ppb, aniline 3900, carboxin 9700, NDPA 580, cresol 130, chlorobenzene 6300, benzene 170, xylenes 590, toluene 59,000 , NDMA 6.9, tetrachlorethene 9.6, trichloroethene 4.2.

Of course there are many more leaking contaminants however their analytical results have detection limits that are thousands of parts per billion. Acetone is one of the worst and its' concentration is referred to as Non-Detect at a detection limit of 50,000 parts per billion i.e. ND(50000). There are many other contaminants that for one reason or another allegedly can not be accurately measured. To me that seems very convenient.

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