Saturday, June 21, 2014


I posted here in the Advocate on Friday May 30 and Saturday May 31/14 regarding the Thursday (29th) evening CPAC meeting. Well the draft Minutes of that bombshell meeting have been distributed and are they fabulous! Talk about play by play and colour commentary! Every verbal shot to the head, every kick to the groin, every eyegouging, hair pulling and ear ripping blow laid upon the Ministry of the Environment and Chemtura was detailed. Thank you Lisa ! Undoubtedly the powers of darkness and coincidentally recipients of these manifold blows by manifold CPAC & SWAT members will be screaming for relief. They will come up with a hundred reasons why her incredibly detailed (and accurate) Minutes are inappropriate. It also won't surprise me if a couple of their less obvious fellow travellors come to their defence. Great respect and admiration goes to the following citizens who with surgical precision cauterized the rot and gangrene which accompanys bacteria, horse manure and verbal diarrhea. That would include Dr. Dan, Sebastian (Dr.), Vivienne, Ron, Graham, Richard and oh heck even Susan. Susanna also presented her excellent graphs which visually indicate how terribly far we have to go to achieve NDMA drinking standards. Back to Susan. While she continues as an apologist for the company on DNAPL matters (due to the Oct.7,1991 Indemnity) nevertheless she is taking no prisoners on the downstream toxic contamination by Chemtura. Well done!

Be still my beating heart! Jeff Merriman once again feels that there is no fabrication unworthy of his skills. On page 11 of the draft Minutes he states "...contrary to what Alan Marshall states, virtually all the items we heard have been addressed.". Jeff also stated the " DNAPL Technical Committee that they met with for years and received a satisfactory resolution to virtually all of these points raised.". Wow! "virtually" is such a difficult word to stickhandle around Jeff. Well son of a gun but on page 26 he does it! On page 26 of the Minutes Jeff states "...he did not say that every item is settled but that the vast majority of items were addressed.". At first blush an impartial, unbiased reader might think that Jeff Merriman has just been caught in a blatant lie. Au contraire, I think not. My good buddy Jeff on page 26 is correct in that he did not previously say that "EVERY item is SETTLED". What he previously said was "virtually ALL the items we heard have been ADDRESSED" and they "received a satisfactory "RESOLUTION ". Therefore literally "every" does not equal "all" and "settled" does not equal "addressed" or resolved ("resolution").

Hence Jeff & Chemtura have once again managed to avoid being caught lying to the public and stakeholders. Isn't it wonderful to be dealing with people of these high standards and morals? *Responsible Care please be proud of this valuable addition to your Canadian membership.

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