Friday, June 27, 2014


Do not ever forget the names Chemtura Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Factual fictions, manipulation and extortion are part of their methodology. M.O.E. extortion goes like this. Oh we won't bring our experts to the next meeting unless you rein in your hardnosed questioning. Our experts are intimidated. The next stunt George Karlos Assistant Director Central Region pulled was advising that without questions in advance to Jaimie Connelly, senior hydrogeologist, he wouldn't bring him to last night's meeting. Jaimie to his credit went through the written questions he'd received in advance after first advising he'd do that plus answer any other questions that came to him. Jaimie then backed his May 2, 2008 DNAPL letter.

Chemtura extortion is hanging in the wind. They had been asked to explain why they refused to assist CPAC in order to hire a peer reviewer after CPAC jumped through their hoops and loops regarding details and specifics as to what, where and who the money was going to. They then flatly refused and to date are avoiding an explanation. Furthermore they advised last evening that they still want a sitdown meeting with CPAC and the Township regarding that matter and other financial matters. Hmm. There's a strong odour of little boys taking their bat and ball and going home when they are losing. Is it possible that those little shits are going to lift their funding of the CPAC Secretary ? Ahh now it's getting clearer. Is this why Corrinne recently stepped down after many years as CPAC Secretary? Did she get tipped that Chemtura were getting peckish over their waning influence over CPAC and thus what Chemtura's possible infantile response would be?

Factual fictions are next. George fibbed like a dog in avoiding acknowledging Ron Campbell's points about contamination knows no boundaries. GP1 is highly contaminated with Dioxins and DDT and literally comes within inches of the farm to the east. The eastern pits on Chemtura's property are also right up against their eastern property boundary. Ron wanted an appropriate number of sampling points to have some meaning from whatever the results were. George just played dumb throughout. Finally in exasperation Ron told him he wasn't going to banter any further with him. Simiarily Graham Chevreau advised George that sampling had to be "representative". In other words you have to have enough samples of an area to logically be able to interpret the results, relative to the area. For example taking two soil samples fifty yards apart in an area one hundred and fifty metres square is essentially meaningless. Especially so when George advises you that you'll wait a year or two for the results and then go back and maybe do the same thing all over again.

Chemtura have always been economical with the truth. I'll leave that to Jeff Merriman. His statements about the DNAPL Investigation are beyond ridiculous. His statements about Jaimie and Wilf's DNAPL letters are humdingers. Blatantly truth challenged has been raised to an art form.

Manipulation by George Karlos goes like this. You have alleged that there is a large Dioxin/DDT "sink" in the south-east area both on and off the Chemtura site. Therefore in response we are prepared to add two soil sampling sites at the location of your choice. CPAC can protest this meaningless two site travesty of an "investigation" but if they advise the M.O.E. of two possible sites then from that point on CPAC were "consulted" and the M.O.E. were "responsive".

Chemtura manipulation has been ongoing for twenty-five years. I'll focus on the present. Maybe they'll say to CPAC we're pulling our funding of your Secretary plus stationery expenses unless we get the following. That's possible and I've already told CPAC not to dare sell me down the river for a stinking ten thousand dollars. However for fifty thousand payable annually to CPAC for a secretary plus ongoing peer reviews; hell I'd be flatterred. I believe that my honest efforts do far more damage than that to Chemtura's credibility so they'd be getting a bargain if I got bounced from SWAT (soil, water, air & technical) and it only cost them fifty grand.

Last night was another shit kicking for both Chemtura and the M.O.E.. The more you see them the harder it is to have any sympathy for them. The next CPAC meeting isn't scheduled until August 28/14 at 6 pm.. Maybe if we're lucky one or both of them will run for the hills. If they do, expect the spin doctors out in full force.

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