Wednesday, June 25, 2014


6 pm. tomorrow in the Woolwich Council Chambers on Church St. in Elmira; we the local citizens will once again be forced into taking several rounds out of Chemtura, their consultants and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. This is unfortunate but as those parties routinely gild the lily in order to make the lack of cleanup look less unconscionable, it becomes necessary.

Some of the items up for discussion tomorrow include downstream monitoring for dioxins and DDT in the Canagagigue Creek as well as upstream both on the Chemtura property as well as on their eastern neighbour's property. Unless or until reliable information is presented clarifying the surface flow of solvents, dioxins and DDT into the former gravel pits (GP1 & 2) in Chemtura's south-east corner; then it appears as if their entire south-east quandrant and part of their neighbour's property is suspect.

A timing update for Chemtura's *Responsible Care verification will also be requested. We the citizens got gamed last time with the former CPAC Chair aiding Chemtura in getting a do over after they had initially failed their verification. This time round Chemtura will either follow the spirit and rules of the *Responsible Care verification or they will be publicly outed prior to their cheating again.

It is possible that the M.O.E. will bring their senior hydrogeologist Jaimie Connelly to the meeting tomorrow night to answer inquiries around his May 2, 2008 DNAPL letter. Meanwhile George Karlos (M.O.E.) has stated in an e-mail that unless their is new evidence since, that Jaimie stands behind his letter. Well I would certainly hope so although it's that "new" evidence that is concerning. Afterall the Ministry's idea of public consultation certainly includes public suppression of key documents.

There should also be a discussion concerning the proposed In Situ Chemical Oxidation as well as the tripling of off-site pumping. I am hoping that the M.O.E. start these Certificate of Aprroval negotiations for additional discharge of treated water to the creek immediately. What we don't need are two to four year process for off-site improvements only to be stymied by the new discharge criteria not being ready.

Chemtura are also supposed to be comparing Wilf Ruland's May 2008 DNAPL letter recommendations #5,6,7,10 & 11 to their so called concensus Summary Table 6.5 . The comparisons are huge and the similarities slim but never count out the bullshit baffles brains talents of Chemtura and CRA.

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