Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This program came about due to the provincial Clean Water Act which was in direct response to the Walkerton tragedy in 2000. Waterloo Region and area's surface water flows south into lake Erie via the Nith, Conestoga, Speed and Grand Rivers. Both yesterday's K-W Record and today's had articles on this subject. Yesterday's was in regards to the Region (Eric Hogins) speaking at Cambridge Council and today's is titled "Report finds drinking water remains vulnerable".

Today's article in the Record while highly critical of efforts across Canada with some specific examples included, is actually complimentary of the overall efforts in Ontario. It does point out problems with pharmaceutical chemicals showing up in Ontario drinking water however and indeed there is a seperate article about a study showing higher rates of prostate cancer in men in jurisdictions where there is a high rate of oral contraceptive useage. The estrogen is ending up in both sewage plant discharges and eventually into drinking water supplies. The other problem as enunciated in yesterday's article is that these Source protection plans are looking at current and future land uses near municipal drinking wells. They are not addressing past toxic contamination already in the aquifers. Regarding the first problem (pharmaceuticals) yours truly has long complained about the hundreds of common chemicals that the Region of Waterloo for example do not test for in our water supplies. Regarding the second problem, here in Elmira is a perfect example. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the past citizens' Public Advisory Committee have intentionally ignored and avoided dealing with other sources of toxic contamination in the Elmira Aquifers, other than Chemtura (Uniroyal). These other sources continue to contaminate and render useless the current pumping regieme which is ostensibly going to restore our local drinking water. The good news is that the new CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) have publicly demanded examination of these "other sources" but the M.O.E. continue to deny and resist.


  1. The Lake Erie Region Source Protection Committee is looking for another member to join their committee. The deadline for applications is Dec. 2/11. An application form is available online at

    You would be a good candidate for this position with your knowledge and experience. I hope you will consider applying.

  2. Thank you and I have considered applying, unfortunately these are political appointments courtesy of either the Region of Waterloo or the GRCA whose membership is from local politicians up and down the Grand River. In the past I've applied to Regional Environmental Committees only to be denied. It is my belief that the likes of Ken Seiling (Regional Chair) do not want outspoken citizen volunteers. Their preference is for yes men and women.

  3. Dear Anonymous: While I thank you for your comment "EXCELLENT POST", I have concerns with the rest of your comment ie. "high mal...". I'm not a lawyer obviously but I suspect that you are treading on thin ice with that comment. I would ask you in future not to use such a strong term while including a specific name. Therefore regretfully I am deleting your comment.