Saturday, September 2, 2023


 Can I call Nathan's apparent position change a trip to the dark side? Or has he always been one of those persons who aligns himself not with what's right but with those with the power and influence? One thing for certain is that he is a smooth operator who however takes risks. He was hiding behind someone else's opinions and speaking to me as if they were his own. Once I had him pinned down with agreeing that there has been significant pumping reductions in the shallow aquifer on the Uniroyal/Lanxess site then he was in trouble. Undoubtedly he was told by whomever he was fronting that these reductions had all been approved properly by RAC/TAG or a previous iteration (CPAC). As soon as I suggested that he produce the Minutes of those alleged public meetings indicating full and vigorous discussion of such an incredibly significant change to the cleanup, Nathan and his shadow panicked.

I gave Nathan a second chance to start looking for the documentation that he claimed existed. Nope he wasn't interested. He bailed with his tail between his legs like a whipped dog. So here's the rub. I already know that two of our current council are a problem namely the mayor and newbie Kayla Grant. Her public comments regarding the consultants and their nonsense including non-existent clay caps over the former Bolender Landfill, quite frankly were embarrassingly complimentary and solicitous. She appeared more eager to please the powers to be than to do the right thing about yet more trucks opening up shop in downtown Elmira. With Nathan's recent behaviour, albeit he is a very smooth bullsh*t artist, then the citizens are in trouble. I still have hope for Bonnie B., Evan B.and Eric S. although I know there will be instances where possibly their pro business positions may conflict somewhat with mine. That is O.K. as long as they hold strong to their principles and ethics.    

Allegedly, as per Nathan, Council's "Review" of RAC/TAG has the option of Discontinuation on the table. Was that a blatant lie or the truth? To date although Woolwich Council were cc'd on all correspondence between Nathan and I, nobody has seen fit to confirm or deny that. That is worrisome and suggests to me that it is NOT on the table but they don't want to undermine Nathan's now greatly reduced credibility. Secondly Council now know that my claims of greatly reduced on-site shallow aquifer pumping are accurate. Do they not feel that a confirmation or denial as to whether the issue was ever brought to RAC/TAG for public discussion is important? It is way too quiet at Council right now and that is not a good sign.   

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  1. they delegated him to handle you and it sounds like it was a disaster (for them)