Saturday, September 16, 2023


 The epiphany can be laid at the feet of councillor Eric Schwindt.  Now this is going to be awkward to say diplomatically but I will try. I over estimated the level of knowledge and under estimated the misunderstanding hydrogeologically of Woolwich councillors. That they are likely surrounded by bad advice is however obvious. This bad advice comes from both within and without Woolwich Township I believe.

I pushed councillor Nathan Cadeau very hard as he seemed up to it and wanted to chat/debate until he as I put it, ran for cover. His so called running for cover was to have me ask TAG about discussion/debate that allegedly occurred there regarding major shallow aquifer pumping reductions. I have zero confidence in the TAG Chair's nuetrality and alleged concern for the public interest. Then I pushed Eric hard (by e-mail) trying to get a confirmation or denial about the lack of public debate/discussion  around the shallow aquifer pumping reductions. Finally he sent me yesterday a horrible and ridiculous response that apparently came from Tiffany Svensson, TAG Chair. Now despite my lack of confidence in her, I have to seriously wonder how well he worded his question to her AND I have to realize that if he indeed thought that her answer was even remotely sensible and relevant then he clearly knows a whole lot less about the Uniroyal/Lanxess site than I could have imagined.

Long story short: Eventually I can understand someone else having a whole lot less knowledge and understanding than I about Elmira/Uniroyal Chemical hydrogeology. What I can not abide is the intentional obtuseness and feigned ignorance of those in charge of the cleanup namely Lanxess and the Ont. Min. of Environment. They are scumbags of the worst sort. 

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