Friday, September 15, 2023


 Such arrogance. Such incredible bullsh*t. Elected leaders combined with unelected professional liars spreading the message of love and good intentions magically transforming green and blue natural environments into industrial wastelands and then back again. All it takes is trust and confidence and good manners and you too can experience the transformation without remediation or expense or any nasty blame, civil suits or especially criminal charges to sully the always in the public interest love that corporations espouse for the rest of us.

See Ramin: I too can spin tales of bullsh*t just like you. 

Sebastian spoke truth to power and as usual was ignored other than by me. I slowly but firmly applauded and Sandy to her credit is slowly learning. Instead of over reacting and throwing a hissy fit she merely began to ask me to desist which I had already done. I made my point. I'm on the fence with Eric Schwindt waiting for a promised e-mail from him. I advised him not to ask Lanxess or the MECP about the shallow aquifer pumping failures but instead to ask Sebastian or Linda. Nope not he. He advised last evening that he asked Tiffany the question prior to the meeting. For God's sake Eric. Am I to believe that you are that naive or stupid? She's getting $30,000 per year as a bribe...oops maybe I mean as an honorarium from Woolwich Twn.  Who do you think she's backing? Sebastian, CPAC and I or the status quo of professional liars ?                    

Ramin/Lanxess claim that their Risk Assessment concludes that there are no unacceptable risks downstream from their site in the Canagagigue Creek. Well of course that's what it says. They paid good money for that as well as for the experts and consultants to back up their lies and bulls*it. Dr. Richard Jackson publicly advised CPAC in 2016 that no good would come from a Risk Assessment done under the auspices of Chemtura, CRA or the Ontario Min. of Environment. Dr. Jackson, then Chair of TAG, also stated that a Risk Assessment done by Hatfield Consultants he would have confidence in, otherwise not so much and he has been proven correct.

The downstream Canagagigue Creek is full of toxic chemicals ABOVE any and all criteria such as dioxins/furans, DDT, DDD, DDE, mercury, PCBs, Lindane and much more.  Ramin and others  ignore that and claim that the risks are acceptable. In a nutshell dirty polluters can sicken and kill other lifeforms as well as human beings provided they have the time, the funds and the political support to study, research and write complicated, logarithmic, mathematical constructs full of assumptions and theories called Risk Assessments. All bought and paid for and to hell with the truth.

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