Tuesday, September 12, 2023


Well the title above was my initial plan for today's Blog posting. I was going to give more details on the July 2023 Progress Report failures. The extreme lack of pumping in multiple aquifers etc. Thirteen years ago CPAC and the public were promised a TRIPLING of off-site pumping & treating in order to achieve the 2028 cleanup of the Elmira drinking water Aquifers (MU/ML) by 2028. At that time pumping of all off-site wells averaged around 53 litres per second. The month of July this summer has averaged a mere 25 litres per second or NOT triple but less than HALF.

Now after receiving an e-mail this morning perhaps the title of today's Blog is O.K. It merely needs the corruption expanded to include what I'm now wondering. While I've always concluded that UPAC/CPAC/ RAC & TAG were designed to act as buffers between Woolwich Township and the cleanup, things are changing. Is it possible that the corruption now includes Woolwich Township bypassing their own self-serving, tame committees? Is it possible that the Township are still partners with Lanxess and the MECP while stickhandling around their own committee?   Oh my God. The depths that people will go to to help themselves at the expense of the public interest. There may be good people on Woolwich Council but I think they are in the minority.

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  1. IF there is any hope for truth and transparency it will come from Mr Schwindt on council. Oldtimers from the north end I have spoke with at election have known him for years and say he is trustworthy.