Tuesday, September 19, 2023


 Did I mention that I don't like Doodle Polls? Where the heck did that name come from? There is a lot regarding the makeup of the meeting that is crappy including some of the attendees from  Woolwich Township. Way too many from the dark side but also some O.K. ones I hope. We had asked for evening meetings to accommodate the CPAC (Citizens Public Advisory Committee) members who work full time. So far we've got no later than 5:30 or 6 pm. as the end time for a two hour meeting. I don't find that terribly accommodating thank you very much Woolwich. 

It seems to me that the dark side including Ramin, MECP (Jason & Lubna), Tiffany, Sandy, David B. have had their way with the new councillors. Having attended in person the most recent public RAC meeting last Thursday it was  beyond disgraceful with only TAG member Sebastian speaking truth to authority. He seriously questioned the premise that the Risk Assessment (HHERA) claims namely that all downstream toxic risks are acceptable. First of all sampling has been biased as in locational sampling biases with the three very convenient roads and bridges downstream getting 95% of all the sampling (soils and sediments). Secondly both the 2017 and 2020 Soil and Sediment Investigations of the Canagagigue Creek were a combination of amateur hour errors (lots of typos & worse) combined with extremely conveniently high Method Detection Limits (MDL) which hide a huge variety of criteria exceedances for Lindane and DDT compounds when the MDL exceeds the criteria, whether soil or sediment. 

1) More than four weeks later and no one from Woolwich Township have been able to provide me with any indication whatsoever that there has been serious debate or discussion at TAG regarding the major reductions in Upper Aquifer pumping and treating.    

2) There are unacceptable risks in the downstream Canagagigue Creek to the benthic community, fish, predators and human beings nearby. TAG need to dig in their heels on this matter and not simply beg Lanxess for a one or two "hotspot" handout.

3) Much more needs to be done to at least get our drinking water aquifers restored long before 2050 or 2060, the new dates being suggested.

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