Friday, August 10, 2018


By government I don't just mean politicians. All the trappings of government including provincial ministries, federal departments, police forces whether municipal, provincial or federal etc. I would also include Revenue Canada, OMB, ERT, former EAB, MPAC and a slew of other alphabet agencies whose members are appointed by the government of the day or the premier, prime minister etc. This could also include judges who are nothing but lawyers (with all that baggage) who are politically active outside of court and are then appointed by the appropriate party in power to a judgeship. Hell of a way to run a country. If this so called democracy is the best form of government then it's no wonder the world is in such trouble.

I read yesterday in the K-W Record that there are predictions that within eighty years humanity will have made the earth uninhabitable for our species. Way to go to every single politician around the world, past and present,on our planet. Job well done. In one sense other lifeforms on the planet probably hope that the time frame is shorter. My children assure me that insects will carry on just fine after humanity ends. I hope that they are right and I hope that much more than insects survives the plague of humanity on earth.

I suspect that every living, breathing politician on earth believe that humanity will move to the precipice and then unite in a sudden recognition of the end, and make miraculous efforts and changes to avoid the inevitable. Dream on. Most of our politicians look good and that's how they got elected. Our citizens in general aren't smart enough or diligent enough to elect smart and honest politicians hence we get a bunch of good looking dummies. No justice, no democracy, no accountability, no transparency, no long term thinking and eventually no human beings. Count on it.

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