Wednesday, August 22, 2018



Look at the situation logically. You've removed thousands upon thousands of tonnes of gravel and received money for each and every tonne. Likely not very much per tonne and now you've got a very big hole in the ground. A very big hole right in the Town of Elmira that likely is filling up with groundwater. That groundwater which discharges into the Canagagigue Creek, of course used to be filtered by the very same sand and gravel that you've just sold. So what do you do? Well of course you lease it to the Town of Elmira who then pay you for each and every tonne of garbage that they put back into your hole. By removing nature's filter right beside the creek you kind of have demonstrated your environmental credentials already. Soooo besides ordinary municipal garbage such as foodstuffs you also have been advised that the Town Council have approved local, industrial wastes going into your landfill, subject of course to the Council's waste committee. That waste committee was chaired by Art Gorman, General Manager of Uniroyal Chemical. Well! So if Uniroyal, Varnicolor, Borg Textile, Walco, Sulco and everybody else have access then why would you even think of discriminating against anybody or anything else going into your dump beside the river? Or possibly on both sides of the river if you look at Bolender Park a little more carefully.

Speaking of Bolender Park isn't that just precious? After you've filled up your huge hole in the ground with both municipal and industrial wastes, you then cover over the mess with soil. How much exactly? Perhaps two or three feet? Maybe. In spots maybe less, maybe more. Enough to at least bury the stink. The flow of both groundwater and leachate to the river will resume. Who's going to point the finger at you with everything that's discharging into the creek just on the other side of Church Street on Uniroyal's property? At this point in time you then sell half of your dump to the Town of Elmira to be used as a park for the local residents. What a deal. It's a win-win whereby the private property owner (Mr. Bolender) possibly gets paid three times (gravel out, garbage in & property sold) and the Town of Elmira gets a park, hopefully on the cheap. Anybody know how much our local industries paid per tonne dumped or otherwise paid under the table for "extras"? "Extras" at other Ontario dumps would include after hours access, pre-dug holes in the garbage to accommodate pre-packaged wastes (drums), inappropriate liquid wastes etc.

One year ago Woolwich Township staff, authorized by Council delivered a handout to local residents living on High St. and George St. The handout included a map that was blatantly false. Yes that map was similar to ones that their consultants, Conestoga Rovers, had been basing their technical studies on for the last thirty years plus. Both parties likely knew full well that the map was pure fiction. The evidence that the park was filled with garbage just keeps on mounting. It includes local testimony as well as the results of both a formal soil testing examination done prior to the splash pad construction as well as testimony from an employee involved in that excavation.

Our authorities while trying to shield past guilty parties including their political colleagues, often hide behind the subterfuge that they wish to avoid public panic. More likely, in my opinion, what they want to avoid is a public lynching of their own unworthy selves. Don't lie for me Woolwich Township. I can stand the truth. Can you?

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  1. I received a phone call today suggesting that Mr. Bolender gave the park area to the Town of Elmira versus selling it. So far I can't confirm that and I'm sure not going to waste my time looking for an honest answer from Woolwich Township.