Friday, August 17, 2018


In the third paragraph of yesterday's posting here Mr. Quyum of the MOE suggests that the Upper Aquifer Containment & Treatment System (UACTS) which has allegedly hydraulically contained Uniroyal Chemical's grossly contaminated south-west shallow aquifer isn't completely doing its job. In other words, unsurprising to most of us, the site is still leaking into the natural environment. This only makes final cleanup of the Elmira drinking waters by 2028, even more unlikely. But then why should this worry either the MOE or Lanxess as there apparently is no legal imperative for them to accomplish this goal?

In the next paragraph (#5) Mr. Quyum suggests that there is also leakage in the municipal aquifer from the north-west quadrant which is not being recaptured as required by pumping well PW4.

Contaminated municipal aquifer water is also likely leaking off-site in Lanxess's south-east corner (paragraph #6). All of these leakages are contrary to various legal or quasi legal instruments that the MOE have with Uniroyal (Lanxess). The actual legal jeopardy the company is in is of course difficult to say based upon the ability of liars to figure and figures to lie. Also based upon weasel wording in these various documents.

The seventh paragraph in yesterday's post raises the spectre of other major sources of contamination to the Elmira Aquifers. Oh well the MOE/Uniroyal sweetheart deal in which Uniroyal accepted all blame in exchange for an Indemnity & more, did last nearly thirty years. Now that is really professional lying to the public.

The DNAPL scam and coverup has only festered because APT Environment under the guidance of Sylvia Berg rolled over on the DNAPL issues in late December 1993 and early 1994. She sold the farm but at what price we can only speculate.

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