Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Once again the latest Monthly Progress Report is out but now we know why they really don't give a damn as to making progress or not. We, CPAC members, have received a legal opinion regarding the 2028 deadline to have our drinking wells restored to Ontario Drinking Water Standards. It's all been a lie and a misrepresentation from the start. The weasel worded, professional prevaricators managed to word all their control orders, certificates of approval and other official and legal sounding dictums in such a way that they can not be enforced in a court of law. That folks is your Ontario Ministry of Empty Corporate Promises (MOECP) at its best.

Lanxess can brag that four new wells have been added to the off-site cleanup of contaminated groundwater. Sure they have, sort of. They are pumping wells W6A, W6B, W8 and W9. Last month, July, in total they added 1.61 litres per second of pumping to the monthly total of normally around 60 litres per second. That would be an increase of approximately 3%. WOW! That is a little short of their initially promised tripling and then later promised doubling of the pumping rates.

Oh wait a second. Let's be scrupulously accurate here. While 60 litres per second is the normal over the last few years, last month, July, was not normal. Not to worry they had lots of excuses for that as always. Last month total average pumping for the month was only 43 litres per second plus the 1.6 litres per second already mentioned for the new wells. Therefore last month's average pumping was 44.6 l/sec. This increases the percentage increase from the four new wells to 1.6 divided by 43 which equals an increase of almost nearly 4%! Well again, sort of. That's an increase based upon their addition to the total pumping, without them. It's still way below the normal and way below what was publicly promised in November 2012.

I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. It's almost as if they don't care that their word means nothing.

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