Friday, August 24, 2018


On Wednesday August 15/18 I posted here about the pathetic volume of off-site pumping for the month of July 2018. I will now point out a few other things in that monthly Progress Report.

How dumb are they? Check out Figure A.1 . That Figure shows us the layout of the entire groundwater treatment system and all its components and various treatment methodologies such as activated carbon, Ultra Violet light, activated sludge, clarifiers, separators etc. Then look at each individual pumping well as marked on the Diagram. Whether on-site wells or off-site wells they all have various treatments including activated carbon above and beyond ammonia removal. All of them that is except for W9.

W9 is located in the north end of town just west of Union St. It's very close to both Nutrite and Uniroyal and as a general statement concentrations of contaminants are highest the closer you are to the source of them. Other off-site wells such as W3R, W3, W6A and W6B are all much farther away from the site in the south end of Elmira and they all receive activated carbon treatment prior to any further treatment such as ultra violet or ammonia removal. For the last year we've been advised that there are exceedances of benzothiazole and toluene after treatment therefore they've shut down well W9. Duhh! Well that's a no brainer folks. The only treatment W9 receives is Ultra Violet light which we were all told decades ago was for NDMA removal. Why on earth would GHD and Lanxess ever think that a pumping well that close to their and Nutrite's site could get away with only UV light? Oh right, probably in order to save money. That folks is precisely why nearly thirty years later we are so very far from having our own Elmira Aquifers restored. Saving corporate money and a lack of will by our local politicians and the MOE have failed us. Woolwich don't want to offend either the MOE or Chemtura/Lanxess. Well how has kissing their respective corporate asses for the last thirty years worked out for the public?

2028 was based upon computer modeled pumping rates being maintained week in and week out. It's never happened. Promised tripling and then doubling of the off-site pumping rates six years ago has never happened. All we've got are years of excuses and delays. Source removal via ISCO (In-Situ Chemical Oxidation) was promised six years ago. Hasn't happened yet!

Let's have a public exhibition of Wilf Ruland, Pat McLean, Bill Strauss, Susan Bryant, Sandy Shantz and Mark Bauman all smooching Lanxess and MOE behinds. Gee maybe you can sweet "talk" them into submission as Sylvia Berg attempted back in 1993 with her Uniroyal stroking letter to the Canadian Chemical Producers Association.

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