Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Late in September 2010, Chemtura Canada (Uniroyal) had an unfortunate fugitive release of one of their products namely BLE-25. This item is a combination of acetone and diphenylamine. Above and beyond the nuisance value as this airborne liquid and gas made a mess of houses, cars, playground equipment etc. was the health factor. It certainly was nothing compared to the witch's brew of toxins that this company has managed to release to the natural environment over the decades but it still was nothing you would want to ingest from gardens or inhale into your lungs.

All three of the "local" papers produced stories on this spill from a rupture disc on one of Chemtura's pressure vessels used to contain the batch of product at the time. These rupture discs are meant to rupture and allow the pressure vessel to vent to the outside air rather than explode inside the building. One would like to think that this is out of concern for the operators on site rather than to reduce repair costs to the company.

The K-W Record even had a colour picture of mayoral candidate Todd Cowan examinng the damaged finish on a car outside his workplace. That kind of publicity you just can't buy. That was arranged by me phoning the Record and suggesting they interview Todd about the spill. It helped boost him into the Mayor's Chair but the ungrateful wretch just like every other mayor rolled over to Uniroyal pressure and bounced me from the brand new CPAC at his earliest opportunity. What a piece of shoot this is a family Blog so I won't say it. The Record story and picture was in their September 29, 2010 edition.

P.S. The Uniroyal pressure was both direct and indirect. Certain senior Woolwich staff know where their bread is buttered.

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