Wednesday, January 11, 2017


OR: Still Waiting For A Response From Lisa Schaefer , RAC & TAG Support Person

Ten am. and I haven't received a response back from Lisa regarding my e-mail to her of 11:09 am. yesterday. In that e-mail I advised her that despite her quick response to my 10:13 am. e-mail I was still unable to access any RAC or TAG Minutes from September 2016 to the present. She had not advised me as to how I could do that. She did advise me that they were indeed on the Township's website.

These RAC & TAG Minutes (2015 & 2016) were better done than I had expected at the time and I was also pleased to see them on the Woolwich Township website as was both appropriate and promised. Between that and the incredibly knowledgable, experienced, forthright and communicative new Chairperson, Dr. Richard Jackson, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. After Woolwich Township's nearly indescribably ignorant, rude and dishonest smearing of the last Council appointed Chairman and entire CPAC committee as well as their sub-committee SWAT; I had expected a Chemtura/M.O.E. love-in from Woolwich Council, especially from Mark Bauman and Sandy Shantz.

Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of Environment have taken a battering from both RAC and TAG over the last fifteen months. Actually the M.O.E. have taken the worst of it and TAG have been the bigger thumpers of their credibility, honesty and motives. I've actually been surprised that RAC appear to have been going along with TAG's lead on the matter. Now we have a brand new Chairperson namely Tiffany Svenson of Blumetric Inc. out of Kitchener.

Is it possible that Woolwich Council under Mark and Sandy's direction decided to shore up their undermined environmental credibility by actually having an honest and credible Chair of TAG? Is it possible that certain other TAG members were advised by their buddy Sandy to take serious rounds out of Chemtura and the M.O.E. for a while? Do not mistake that last comment. While there are a couple of TAG members well versed in the dark arts of subterfuge, gamesmanship and distraction; many others I believe are the real deal. Is it possible that as this venue among others has been singing the praises of TAG; now with a new Chair things are going to turn around for our world class polluter and their third rate regulator? This is Woolwich Township afterall. Those now censored Minutes are incredibly damaging to Chemtura and the Ministry of Environment (M.O.E.). Any turnaround requires the Woolwich deft touch ie. lying and or erasure.

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