Monday, January 23, 2017


Well I'm still waiting. The out of town, conflict of interest prosecutor had promised me at our December 21/16 private meeting that he would advise me by last Friday January 20/17 whether or not he was proceeding with the Municipal Election Act charges laid by myself against Councillor Scott Hahn. That did not happen, however he did e-mail me last Thursday and apologized that there would be a delay until early this week ie. prior to Wednesday morning's 9 am. court date. Apparently he had information that he was expecting last Friday that could come late in the day, thus delaying his decision.

I do not know what that information could be. I do know of some information readily available and volunteered to him that he has not availed himself of. I also know that professional and damning evidence against Mr. Hahn is publicly available or at least it was until Woolwich Township came out with their new website at the start of 2017. Council, RAC, TAG & CPAC Minutes have been removed and I will check shortly to see if this also includes Minutes from MECAC public meetings and the accompanying Forensic Audit produced by Froese Forensic Partners and paid for by Woolwich Township taxpayers. That Audit is huge and unequivocally states that Mr. Hahn violated the Municipal Elections Act several times and in one instance it implies the possibility that false or inaccurate dates were put on paperwork submitted by Mr. Hahn's family in support of his claims.

The two criteria I have been advised by two out of town Prosecutors that need to be fulfilled in order for them to proceed with prosecution are a likelihood of successful prosecution and that prosecution be in the public interest. Both of these are well satisfied. A failure to prosecute in the black and white Scott Hahn case simply reaffirms for both experienced and novice politicians that the Municipal Elections Act is a toothless tiger and that the province are all about the appearance only of keeping politicians accountable.

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