Friday, January 6, 2017


O.K. I'll accept that basic premise. Today's Editorial by the Record is indeed titled "Nuclear Waste needs a home". My read of the Editorial however leads me to believe that the current plan to build a bunker in the bedrock 680 metres believe ground surface may be viable or even a good idea accept for one thing. This bunker is to be located only 1.2 kilometres from Lake Huron. At first blush this seems ridiculous. However as you read further you do realize that this current nuclear waste is right there at the Nuclear Power plant in Kincardine above ground. It has been "temporarily" stored for decades at that location. There would be major concerns with moving these wastes on public roads to a site considerably farther away. Hence they claim that the short move laterally, followed by a 680 metres move vertically downwards into the bedrock is the way to go.

The Record's Editorial also says that concerns that the waste could leak into and contaminate Lake Huron are "remote". Hmm, exactly how remote? Are they suggesting that an earthquake for example is essentially a one in a million possibility? Is it less or more possible than that? What about fractures in the bedrock?

O.K. so the transportation of this stuff is dangerous. How about a comprimise? If the bedrock is so solid and so extensive in this area then why not simply move a few miles further away from the lake? If a 2 or 3 hundred mile trip elsewhere is bad news than how about a very short five mile trip further away from Lake Huron, with everything else the same? Also explain in layman's terms one how radioactivity migrates in the subsurface (bedrock & overburden) and secondly explain for the public whether or not radioactivity introduced into a large lake migrates. Does it migrate or does it stay in one place? Once introduced into Lake Huron will it spread and do irreparable damage? These are the questions that the public need honest answers to before even one ounce gets put within 1.2 kilometres of Lake Huron.

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