Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I've long known that certain Woolwich Staffers, just like Chemtura Canada, keep a close eye on this Blog. As per a week ago Tuesday's comment by the Woolwich RAC & TAG Support person, it has been very satisfying to me knowing that the Elmira Advocate is having an impact. Of course I've also had Environment Canada, the U.S. EPA, multiple colleges and universities visiting here as well. In fact Woolwich are in very good company. The Region of Waterloo, cities of Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo along with many other municipalities drop by from time to time. A few law firms, media outlets you name it they all like to keep up to date.

Last Tuesday's nonsense was interesting on a number of levels. First off the fact that low level (?) staffers feel the need to check out the Elmira Advocate before responding to me seems a little odd. Do their supervisors know that they are on-line checking out citizens' Blogs during working hours? Have they perhaps been advised by their supervisors to do so?

As per my posting of last Saturday, are Woolwich Township supporting rude and anonymous responses by their employees to legitimate citizen complaints or was that simply a rogue employee acting out? Are Woolwich senior staff and management simply holding their breaths right now waiting for a formal complaint? The issue of the Minutes of RAC, TAG and CPAC not being on the Township's website is not over although as mentioned I did receive some professional, polite and courteous advice and information from the Deputy Clerk.

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