Tuesday, April 5, 2022


"Utter and complete horse manure" should be added to the end of the title above. The list above are the so called Contaminants of Concern culled from a list of COPC or Contaminants of Potential Concern. We have known for decades of at least 150 different chemicals that Uniroyal Chemical cheerfully discharged into the air over their site in Elmira, into the soil, groundwater and surface waters of the Canagagigue Creek. With even those, which most likely are a partial list only, many toxins are intentionally being ignored by Lanxess Canada and by the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP). Why? Money, money, money first and foremost followed by public relations. If government mass murderers like Vladimir Putin want status and prestige then why wouldn't dirty polluters as well? Just watch as our screwed up world that currently are condemning Putin for atrocities including civilian death and torture might just as likely give him a Nobel Peace Prize after he ends the war in the Ukraine. Lanxess Canada just like Uniroyal Chemical want it both ways. They want the status of being job providers and property taxpayers combined with supposedly cleaning up Elmira's ground and surface water. Never mind that they and their predecessors dumped toxic wastes everywhere they could including the local landfills in and around Elmira (& K-W). .................................................................................................................................... I can list another dozen or so chemicals that are in the natural environment downstream of Uniroyal (Lanxess). It's the ones that either I or nobody else (except Lanxess/MECP) don't know about that add to the problem. Just recently I've determined that Lanxess are a major world wide supplier of an automotive tire additive known as 6PPD. The real chemical name is closer to (dimethylbutyl) N phenyl p phenylenediamine but 6PPD for short. This tire additive is supposed to add to the tire's life by being an antioxidant. Meanwhile microscopic particles of tires get washed by rain into creeks and rivers in close proximity to highways causing serious mortality for coho salmon and some trout species. Funny thing is after studying Uniroyal and their successors for thirty plus years I had never heard of 6PPD until very recently and that information certainly didn't come from Lanxess Canada. The impending Risk Assessment for the Canagagigue Creek is just another two bit scam produced by Lanxess and fellow travellors to convince local residents, K-w residents and the rest of the country to smile, be happy, everything has been fixed in Elmira, Ontario. "Fixed" is a very appropriate word as in the "fix" is in and always has been.

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