Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Today's Waterloo Region Record carries the following front page headline "Lawyer asks judges not to open "floodgates"". This court appearance was yesterday at the Ontario Court of Appeal. The lawyer is none other than James Bennett and first of all he did get some bad press a while back by speaking derogatorily in regards to the allegations by the three plaintiffs. Also I personally have no use for him as he did his best to threaten or intimidate me prior to a court appearance by his client, pretend mayor Sandy Shantz, a couple of years back. Mr. Bennett essentially advised by e-mail that I should not attend and speak to the matter even though I was the complainant and reason that the good (but pretend) mayor lost her job as mayor over her election expense discrepancies and worse. His advice was loaded with threats and was intended to remove legitimate testimony from the process.

Mr. Bennett is advising the Court of Appeal that the class action suit of the Plaintiffs should not be certified by the courts because it would open the "floodgates" of litigation to all forms of discrimination. That's very interesting that he thinks so. If it's true than doesn't that speak volumes about the so called alternative methods such as union arbitration and human rights hearings? After all we all know how expensive, slow, and frankly occasionally perverse and bizarre court decisions are yet complainants are so desperate for justice that they would even think to go the route of litigation. I've been there and it's a crap shoot, a ridiculously time consuming and expensive crap shoot with all the advantages to the wealthier parties. I have often written that courts are the playground of the rich and sometimes nasty.

As far as the headline regarding the Waterloo Region Police Service admitting guilt I will quote from the first sentence of this article: "Lawyers representing the Waterloo Regional Police Board and the police union say they don't dispute the facts of the proposed class-action lawsuit or that the allegations are serious, but rather that the Ontario Court of Appeal is not the place where the complaints should be heard." Wow! To me that is an incredible admission and all the guilty parties including our regional councillors should hang their heads in shame. Of course they won't. The "home cooking" reference is for me a recent term that I've learned. It's the equivalent of home town refereeing. Hmm. Maybe the dishonourable Robert Reilly wasn't an incompetent, biased judge but rather simply one practicing the fine art of "home cooking" by pleasing the local power structure which includes our educational sector.

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