Saturday, April 13, 2019


That is what it feels like some days in Woolwich Township. We the citizens are not remotely well governed at all levels from municipal, regional, provincial and federal. Hence O.K. it's not just the air and the water here in Elmira. It's so much more. I think it's the human factor. Surely to heavens we could build robots to make better decisions for us. How about Luisa D'Amato's comments in the Record this week suggesting that the latest snafu in finding a safe injection site in Kitchener (thank you Mr. Vrbanovic) is a prima facie case against the political status quo we have here in the Region?

Hawkridge Homes are back on the front burner. Yes that's the proposed subdivision on Union St. across from Canada Colours (Sulco) and across First St. from the former Varnicolor Chemical. The next nearest neighbour of renown to this subdivision is Lanxess Canada, formerly known as Uniroyal Chemical. Seriously if the developers and proponents had any either a sense of humour or a lick of decency and honesty they would rename this subdivision from Hawkridge Homes to Genetic Abnormalities Heights. Let's see how many homes they would sell then.

The proposed subdivision was defeated at an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing several years ago. Again as in the Twilight Zone it was not due to fear of toxic emissions, fires, explosions or permanent genetic damage to nearby residents. Nor was it due to the subdivision being in the "Kill Zone" for the "Worst Case Scenario" formally designated by Chemtura Canada (Uniroyal). No it was due to the middle of the night noise from shunting trains on the Chemtura property. Seriously, noise.

As a species I am confident that human beings are doomed. This case is simply a tiny microcosm of everything that is wrong with us. Money, power, ego and abuse of authority has condemned us. When the worst of us are those in charge making the rules and laws, how could it be otherwise?

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