Thursday, February 21, 2019


What an exquisite deal. Regional politicians are in charge of several appointments to the Waterloo Region Police Services Board (WRPB). Same politicians decide who the regional politicians are who will sit on this Board. Regional councillor Tom Galloway has been the Chair of the WRPB for many years. Yes the province have a couple of appointees they put on the Board. Hell they might even throw in the odd token progressive or free thinker. Every regressive, status quo oriented committee or board needs one or two as long as they are vastly in the minority. Meanwhile where the hell are the public announcements in the news media ahead of time telling the public when and where the next allegedly public meeting is? I have been looking for and never finding those announcements.

Several former police officers, mostly female, have sued the Waterloo Region Police Services (WRPS) and WRPB. Kelly Donovan has written a book about both the WRPS and other Ontario police services. Where the hell is the ongoing news media coverage of that lawsuit? Is our local police force going to continue forever being non-transparent and unaccountable to the public who pay their way? Will the WRPS and WRPB continue using taxpayers money to silence, bully and intimidate either former officers or the general public any time the public decide to criticize police behaviour and actions? Courts are the bread and butter of liars and cowards with money, especially liars and cowards with their hands in the public cookie jar in order to finance their assaults upon truth.


  1. Thanks Alan. They have already spent tens of thousands (at least) to try to shut me up despite my refusal to sign an NDA. What a waste.

  2. I'll contact you after I've read the most recent Decision.