Wednesday, December 19, 2018


It's still very disturbing. There are currently four pumping wells under performing namely one on-site (PW5) and three off-site namely W6A, W6B and W9. The last of course is promised to be up and running by mid January. Way too little way too late. I doubt that it will actually increase the total off-site pumping because to date wells W3R and E7 have been pumping above their targeted rates in order to cover for W9.

I've been wondering about the ammonia treatment system for some time now. It treats pumping well W8 on the east side of Union Street due west of Lanxess but does not treat W9 on the west side of Union Street also due west of Lanxess. Those wells are awfully close together and yet W9 is down allegedly due to benzothiazole and toluene exceedances with no mention of ammonia issues. Hmmm odd. Also while ammonia treatment for pumping wells W5A and W5B on First St. east right next to Lanxess and Yara (Nutrite) is no surprise I do find that treating new well W6A & B further south on Oriole Parkway to be peculiar. Similarily former pumping well W4, due west of Varnicolor Chemical, was also treated for ammonia. Based on that as well as on the plume maps for ammonia it seems clear to me that Yara and Uniroyal were not the only sources of ammonia to the Elmira Aquifers. When will they ever come clean to Elmira residents?

Surface water in the Canagagigue continues to amaze. Have they recalculated their arithmetic means for the chemicals detected up and downstream in the creek? There has been a major turnaround in the last few months and it is bizarre. Acid extractables namely all the chlorophenols now have higher concentrations upstream than downstream. That is the major turnaround and something or somebody is doing something differently. It's either the math or the data has been audited because these averages shouldn't be changing that quickly.

The base/nuetral extractables as well as the volatile organics are the usual with numerous higher concentrations downstream in the creek than upstream. This is what I would expect as the creek is "enriched" with toxics as it passes through the Lanxess property. A major explanation needs to be given on this matter but of course neither I, CPAC nor the general public can raise this issue verbally at upcoming TAG meetings and RAC don't meet again until April 11, 2019. It's called insulating the polluter (Lanxess) and regulator MOE/MECP) from difficult or embarrassing questioning. Those parties sincerely thank you once again Sandy and Mark and Woolwich Council.

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