Monday, December 31, 2018


I'm going to say one nice thing about Sandy Shantz in today's posting. Wait a minute I can think of two nice things. Hmm. I'd better do it quickly while I can think of them.

1. TAG meetings are held at 6:30 pm. when working folk are able to attend versus literally decades of Susan and Pat scheduling to their convenience namely 9 am. on a Monday morning. P.S. This past schedule eliminated Richard Clausi (EH-Team ) from attending as he was a teacher and it cost me wages once per month to attend. Thank you Sandy.

2. A professional Chair was hired by Sandy Shantz for TAG (Technical Advisory Group) meetings. O.K. maybe a professional Chair was unnecessary as a number of "amateurs" handled the Chair's job acceptably or better however both Dr. Richard (Dick) Jackson and Tiffany Svensson were/are good Chairpersons and just as importantly Pat McLean and Susan Bryant are no longer in control of what used to be known as the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC). That particular past Chairperson (Pat) sometimes did not discharge her Chair duties within any known rules of decency, honesty or transparency.

The next TAG meeting is scheduled for Thursday January 24, 2019 most likely in Woolwich Council Chambers and if not there then in the room behind (north of) council chambers. That room is known as the Dodie Hummel Room. Of interest is that Ramin Ansari, hydrogeologist for Lanxess Canada has indicated that he would like a further discussion in regards to both the alleged Interceptor Trenches on the Lanxess property as well as TAG and CPAC (now the Citizens Public Advisory Committee) concerns around the East side (Stroh farm). These concerns include the "Gap" area still, as well as the likelihood that there is a "sink" of Dioxins/Furans, DDT, PAH (poly aromatic hydrocarbons) and possibly mercury and PCBs.

I was included in the last off the books discussion in September about this matter and expect to be this time as well. A TAG member has asked me to bring my personally made 2 1/2 foot by 3 1/2 foot map as it is by far the easiest to see and read due to both its' size and clarity.

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  1. You are lucky a TAG member asked you to bring your map as anything on my committees had to go through the chair as protocol. And with pending cutbacks do not hold your breath on anything exciting happening Consultant and MOECP wise on projects in the Stroh's area or the GAP and interceptor trenches. And I also can feel the love in this post between you and Sandy. Great Holiday spirits happening.