Tuesday, November 14, 2017


This morning I read an article on-line from CBCnews.ca titled "More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issue "warning to humanity"". It is a very sobering article that spells out things like mass extinction events, ocean dead zones, forest losses, climate change and population growth. The sheer numbers of scientists from 184 different countries around the world indicates that this is a non partisan, apolitical, last ditch warning to humanity. In a sense it is a call to arms. Citizens can no longer simply rely on their leaders, governments of whatever stripe and so called authority figures to make the changes necessary for life to continue on planet Earth.

One of the strongest sentiments I heard in this article is that both the Earth and humanity are "family". These horrible and ever exponentially increasing problems listed above can not be solved by one government in one country. It requires citizens worldwide to increase pressure on their leaders to do what is right. Governments do not lead so much as they maintain the status quo. Their purpose is not to solve problems it is to minimize or hide them. All governments, again of whatever stripe, communist, totalitarian and democratic exist for the primary benefit of their financial elites. It's always been that way and always will be. We the citizens are merely here to give them legitimacy through our complacency and non-revolt.

This article focuses on rising middle classes throughout the world. While here in North America it appears to be a declining middle class, many third world countries are rapidly expanding their middle classes. This results in the rise of consumerism including the buying of appliances, cars, meat consumption and world travel all of which contribute to the world's carbon footprint. We the world are on a one way treadmill that needs to be reversed. I have long suggested that if mankind push themselves into extinction I hope that they don't take the rest of life on this planet with them.


  1. Great article Alan and so very true. Might I suggest you submit to surrounding newspapers rather then just Elmira.

  2. Thank You. I have on occasion and may do so further.