Friday, November 17, 2017


Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carried the following story titled "Wynne says she didn't get reserve mercury report". A political skeptic might suggest that the writing is clearly on the wall for the Wynne government. It's not that she hasn't resolved this horrible human and environmental crisis in Northern Ontario. It's not that every other provincial government before her never resolved it properly. It's that she and her government are looking stupid over it. All the other governments managed to lie, deflect and delay just as they have here in Elmira, over the last thirty years. Why can't the Wynne government keep up the good political work of doing nothing but talk, just like all her predecessors?

The latest straw is that a consulting firm for the current owners of the former Reed paper mill property commissioned a report last year that has supported a report by the Grassy Narrows Commission which suggested ongoing contamination to the river. This is contrary to assurances from public officials over the decades stating that there was no ongoing source of mercury to the river. This new Domtar report went to the Ontario Ministry of Environment in 2016 but allegedly never went to the premier's office. This could be a lie or it could be simply plausible deniability. In other words if senior M.O.E. officials were advised by the Premier's office not to bring her anymore bad news on the file then indeed Wynne could say that she never received the report. If that's the case then Wynne and the Liberals are on the right political track. Cover your ass and to hell with the victims of this tragedy. That's the way to undeservedly get re-elected in this province.

Meanwhile the Feds historically aren't looking much better. Promises made and promises broken. All in a days work.

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