Thursday, February 27, 2014


Well tonite (6 pm.) is the public CPAC meeting and of course DNAPLS will be mentioned by yours truly. The headline refers to one of the CPAC members using their knowledge and experience to produce some incredibly, visually stunning data. I've been of late producing tables of data but this goes so much further. Yesterday's post mentioned five different wells in RPW6 & 7 which have high concentrations as well as lacking any decisive persistent decreasing trend. Today I'm examining the most recent data and what I am seeing is this:

The most outstanding results would be Carboxin, Chlorobenzene and Toluene all in RPW6 as well as Carboxin and Chlorobenzene again this time in RPW7. The specific wells are U+500, OW74-6, U+540, OW10-9 and RPW7-1-8. There are many more results which cast grave doubt on Chemtura/CRA's self serving theories regarding residual DNAPL presence and free phase DNAPL absence.

All of this boils down to money and a lack of accountability built into our so called environmental protection systems. Our politicians are very long on talk and appearance and very short on action and delivery. Polluter pays is nothing but a catchy vote getting phrase for them.

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