Tuesday, February 4, 2014


As previously posted our Woolwich Council have displayed their lack of historical and environmental knowledge with their decision to exempt the car wash on Earl Martin Drive from athe Woolwich by-law prohibiting gas tanks so close to the currently pumping wellfield E7/E9. Notable for his last minute conversion was Councillor Bauman who seems to be working hard to restore his credibilty with CPAC, the committee of Council, of which he is a member. His attacks on me both at council and at CPAC have not served him well. Regardless he listened when CPAC spoke about the value in maintaining the prohibition on underground tanks near the south wellfield and indeed read his written remarks into the record at council's last vote on the matter.

Councillor Bauman as promised delivered to me a copy of those remarks and I'm going to reproduce verbatim his last four sentences

"* Our original site specific zoning by-law required that fuel tanks be located above ground to protect the wells E7 & E9.

* If these wells were still used to supply drinking water, the Region of waterloo well head protection policy would NOT allow underground tanks.

* Water is vital to our survival, and I would contend that we need to protect our sources whether we are using it for drinking supply or trying to remediate past mistakes that resulted in the contamination we are dealing with today.

For this reason, I will not be supporting the recommendation, and would ask the applicant to reconsider his request and use above ground tanks."

I (Alan) believe that Councillor Bauman has done a good job here and I especially like his reminder in the last sentence that no one is denying this business the opportunity to sell gasoline or diesel. They are merely asking that above ground tanks be used which are idiot and technology proof as far as spills, leaks and ruptures. Also underground sensors aren't too likely to be effective during a power outage. Well done Councillor Bauman.

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