Thursday, June 18, 2020


Is this typical municipal/regional response to off-site contamination? Both Lanxess Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Cons. & Pks. have found a way to stickhandle around a proper cleanup of the Stroh and Martin farms. Change their zoning from residential/agricultural to industrial/commercial and thus reduce the soil and possibly groundwater criteria strictly for the purpose of saving millions of dollars in cleanup costs. Funny thing though how those parties allowed food production both for humans and livestock for fifty years, long after they already knew that they were contaminating the Stroh fields via overflow leakage (i.e. surface flow) and groundwater. I was shocked several years back when I understood that the Stroh Drain was the source of water to the Martin swimming pond. In hindsight should I have been even mildly surprised that smoking gun toxic contamination including dioxins/furans, DDT, NDMA, lindane and so much more could be effectively swept under the table by local (municipal), regional and provincial politicians (via MOE/MECP)?

They have no morals, no ethics and little or no humanity. They mute their consciences by hiding behind polluter bought and paid for consultants. They pretend that there is no proof via soil and groundwater testing despite the fact that they and their co-conspirators have made the decision NOT to test in the specific, most likely locations of highest contamination. A friend of mine believes in karma. He feels that they will burn in hell for eternity. I think that that is inadequate. They need to be publicly exposed and punished as a deterrent to future wrongdoers. Todd Cowan "pilfered" $3,000 in expenses although he was only eventually convicted of a $30 dollar (breakfast) Breach of Trust charge. He was pilloried for his sins. It's long past time for the big time and long time Woolwich self-servers to pay for their sins. Being elected should not confer immunity from prosecution.

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  1. "co-conspirators have made the decision NOT to test in the specific, most likely locations of highest contamination" is NOT an error, it is obvious deadly sin and is evidence of complete corruption involving deliberate conspirators/stakeholders.

    Cowan was a fake Libtard who ended up being hated after being elected and then booted out by the local power elite (including the newspapers) It is high time for the public/the people to expose/tar and feather the fake conservatitites who are a far worst ilke than the Libtart type...WOLVES in sheeps clothing are far worst than Liberal Retards. They are DEMONS in disguise and the local power elite are just using them. Ron Stroh has them all figured out.