Saturday, June 6, 2020


It's all about selective enforcement. Not only selective enforcement against particular races and minority groups (eg. "over policing" of blacks) but selective enforcement in favour of companies and businesses. It's about selective enforcement of laws meant to protect both employees in the workplace and citizens going about their daily lives. Protecting employees in the workplace is supposed to be enforced by Health and Safety Laws. Protecting the general public from bad air, bad water and industrial contamination of foodstuffs normally falls under our environmental laws. Any serious study of workplace health & safety laws as well as environmental laws soon informs the student that these laws are all about avoidance. Basically inspectors must avoid finding/seeing infractions. This results in far fewer charges. Then prosecutors presented with evidence of illegal activities must be able to find alternatives to embarrassing court action. After all individuals have motives such as greed, jealousy, and fear but companies who employ dozens to thousands of citizens must not be hindered in their focus on productivity and the bottom line. Clearly they must have missed something inadvertently in going about their daily business if the company has failed to protect either employees or members of the general public. Surely there was no criminal intention behind their omission or commission of an infraction. Therefore anything from warning letters and reprimands to requests for improvements ordered by the regulatory bodies is more appropriate than dragging the companies into court and publicly humiliating them unnecessarily. It is bias plain and simple. Not just bias against minorities but bias against workers, and individual citizens. Bias against individuals with limited financial means to defend themselves in court is also front and centre be they white, black or brown.

The following articles were in today's Waterloo Region Record titled "Protesters vow to sustain momentum", "An injustice for anyone is an injustice for all", a Record Editorial titled "Protesters' message must lead to action", "Laws have little impact if companies aren't afraid of the consequences", "Systemic racism on full display in George Floyd's death" and finally "March organizers want police defunded". They all share a common theme. Basically our police, justice system and political systems are fundamentally flawed. I note that various laws violated whether they be criminal behaviour by individuals or environmental and health & Safety laws by companies are subject to incredible subjectivity and everyday human bias. They are subject to these human failures throughout all manmade systems that are lacking vigorous internal controls and real accountability by third party, independent oversight. In fact I would suggest that most manmade systems are intentionally made to be able to be circumvented by those in positions of power and authority. Call it a fear by the wealthy and powerful of their own lobbied for laws to be used against them. The rule of law is fine for Sally and Johnny unless of course Sally and Johnny come from very well to do families.

More specifics on these articles will likely be provided on Monday.

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