Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Back in September 2017 RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) was advised by the Ontario MOE/MECP that they had laid a Director's Order on Mr. Ron Stroh demanding access to his property in order to do soil and groundwater testing. Unsurprisingly we had been told earlier that Mr. Stroh was not enthusiastic about Lanxess orr their consultants GHD sampling on his farm near the border with the Uniroyal Chemical/Lanxess site.

The next thing we know Lanxess and their consultants are doing their sampling of the Stroh soils (and groundwater) and no further mention is made of any Control Order (Director's Order). I figured that Mr. Stroh resisted access until he ran out of time and options and then finally said O.K. Turns out that was not the case. The Control Order was signed by Amy Shaw of the Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks (MECP) on July 26, 2017 and then served on Mr. Stroh.

My curiosity was aroused when I was rereading my posting here in the Elmira Advocate for September 8, 2017 which mentioned the Control Order. I knew darn well that I had never seen that alleged document and contacted the TAG Chair and support staff about it. After a very brief suggestion that it was not needed or served on Mr. Stroh, as I had originally assumed, it was found and a copy was sent to me immediately. For that I thank TAG personnel.

At the moment it appears that the document was not handed out to TAG members as well although I am in the process of confirming that. If so, then I am going to assume that it was human error i.e. an honest mistake. I've read the Control Order and other than a couple of glaring errors in the MECP's text, there is nothing that I have seen that is any kind of smoking gun or anything that really needed hiding. Hence my concern. What else has either TAG or the public not received?

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