Saturday, June 20, 2020


Please notice carefully that the title above is formed as a question. That is not either for legal purposes or to wimp out. It is exactly because while I may have long term suspicions regarding planning processes as practiced in Ontario and Waterloo Region, I am not convinced of anything in regards to Wellesley Council's credibility, competence or integrity. Generally speaking I like to assume the best of people while understanding that many politicians are all about themselves, their status, their influence and power and yes this includes Township politicians as well as city, provincial and federal politicians.

My knowledge of Wellesley Township's handling of the so called "rationalization" of urban /countryside boundaries is based upon reading a few Council Meeting Minutes and possibly a story or two in the Woolwich Observer about Wellesley Township over the last few years. Not exactly an in-depth "investigation" and certainly not even a tiny fraction of the effort I put in to observing, studying, and learning about Woolwich Township and Councils, where I have lived for the past 28 years.

So why am I so concerned with goings on in Wellesley? Firstly I don't believe in coincidences. Mr. Ron Stroh has been handed a gift over here in Woolwich Township with his contaminated (by Uniroyal Chemical) property directly beside the former manufacturer of Agent Orange (dioxin/furans), DDT, Lindane, NDMA (albeit not by design), parathion, and many more goodies. His property has received a superficial only "cleanup" and has been included in the Elmira Urban Area expansion on the town's east side. I believe that that east side expansion is wholly political in order to "solve" environmental, political, and economic problems up to and including perhaps Lanxess threatening to bail and leave Elmira otherwise. Then Mr. Stroh appears to be handed another gift over in Wellesley. Is this a quid pro quo of some sort i.e. a further sweetener to get/keep him on-side in regards to Lanxess Canada contamination and probable reduction of his property values?

I have learned the hard way in Woolwich that Township Council has an incredible ability to deflect, delay, obfuscate, disparage the good and praise the bad. Is Wellesley Council the same or better?

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