Monday, October 21, 2019


Via the hard way I have learned that politics is inextricably entertwined with the environment. That is very bad because the vast majority of politicians know little or nothing about the environment yet they make all the decisions. Some of the parties make those decisions upon the alter of the economy, jobs, a balanced budget, and their own ideology.

In order of the political parties most dedicated to the environment and fixing it you have the Greens, the NDP, Liberals and Conservatives. If you are a single issue candidate your choice thus should be obvious. Of course most Canadians do worry about government deficits, foreign affairs, social justice issues, personal liberties etc. Then it gets much harder.

My inherent bias is to the left thus I have not and never would vote Conservative. I view them as owned by big money, corporations etc. That said I have friends who vote Conservative because they prefer smaller government, fewer services and lower taxes.

Folks however who strongly believe that government is there to help all their citizens, expect and demand government services for all including the less fortunate. They believe in full autism funding, good unemployment insurance, full and universal health coverage, honest workman's compensation for the injured etc. Now you are into New Democrat territory.

To my mind the Liberals have long been a compromise. Most Citizens don't lean as far to the right as Conservatives and they hope that the Liberals are more gentle and humane. My opinion is that they are a little but that they too have far too much corporate influence which is not good for the majority of Canadians.

In general I dislike politicians. Both Liberals and Conservatives left Omar Khadr blowing in the breeze as a fifteen year old involved through his father in radicalism. Both Liberals and Conservatives I believe think that Helmut Oberlander, in his 90s, should be stripped of his citizenship and be deported. Etc. That is not my kind of Canada.

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