Thursday, October 17, 2019


I now better understand many of Cynthia Doughty's comments and criticisms in regards to the two recently released to me (& presumably some others) reports done by Lanxess Canada both written somewhere around January 2018. Keep in mind as Ms. Doughty criticized, the one report had no date on it although it was allegedly issued in February 2018.

Both these reports are informative. Giving Lanxess the benefit of the doubt one could suggest that wow, at long last we have a serious framework to get this cleanup of the Elmira Aquifers back on track. Their January 2018 document titled "Clean-Up Framework for the Off-Site Municipal Aquifer", while short of details as Ms. Doughty has stated, nevertheless does in a general sense point the way forward from where we are right now which is looking at the Elmira Aquifers not being clean or potable in 2028 as ordered by the MOE/MECP. Secondly Lanxess appear to be taking the recommendations of Dr. Richard Jackson seriously. He had advised the hiring of Dr. Neil Thompson (U. of Waterloo) to assist Lanxess/MOE with Conceptual Site Models (CSM) for both the Elmira Aquifers (i.e. the total stratigraphy or sub-surface) and a CSM for the Canagagigue Creek. Finally I believe that Dr. Thompson was also supposed to assist Lanxess/GHD in the development of treatment alternatives for the Elmira Aquifers.

Here however is the downside to what I've been reading. Despite both these documents being worthwhile and necessary, the huge question for me is why are they twenty years late? Also why are we reinventing the wheel? None of these technologies are brand new. They've been around for decades and some of them could have been used decades ago here in Elmira bringing us so much closer to having our local aquifers restored. I personally suggested that ISCO (In-Situ Chemical Oxidation) be used here back in 2009. CPAC at the time, Chemtura, CRA, and the Ontario MOE all ignored my verbal and written information. This despite the fact that the MOE had already approved the use of ISCO down the road in Cambridge, Ontario to remove chlorinated solvents from the Bishop St. site of Northstar Aerospace.

Then again with the last CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) from 2011 to 2015 we were treated to a mickey mouse attempt by Conestoga Rovers to do a field trial of ISCO near pumping well W3. Dr. Richard Jackson has since publicly commented on their efforts and his criticisms make my words seem nice in comparison.

I see belatedly some hope here although it is dampened by the three decades plus history of deceit by the parties in charge. How can any honest and unbiased person have any confidence in the words, verbal or written, of these parties? What they do or don't do weighs a thousand times heavier with me than what they will ever promise to do.


  1. Alan is right, it is time to squeeze all of these fake public servants and greedy slimy bastards till whatever info they have is released. The truth must come out! and it will and the Libtards and the Conservabites and the nodemocratic will all be exposed as frauds

  2. Probably he is not a typical retired government worker. Too much alcohol during his career combined with prescription meds now is not helping his mental and emotional stability.

  3. Really never thought you would stoop so low. And no alcohol and prescript meds are for pain and neuropathy which you can relate to for a hip replacement and arthritis. None has anything to do with emotions or mental. Look in the mirror for your anger. You are skating on thin ice Alan.

    1. Thanks for the admissions concerning alcohol and meds. As far as stooping "so low", you privately ridicule and insult me on a daily basis with your attempted posts here which are mostly "moderated" i.e. blocked. Why should I not insult you back? Cut out your insulting comments to me and I won't continue responding including regarding your private life. Also I have hard copies of every piece of rude garbage that you've sent me. What the hell is the matter with your head if not the booze and meds?