Thursday, October 3, 2019


There was one new person at yesterday's LPAT meeting namely Mr. Berton (sp?) representing Preston Sand & Gravel (PSG). Meanwhile Jeff Wilker is also still part of the legal team for PSG. The LPAT chair, Mr. Wilkens (sp ?), advised that costs can be assigned to any party at the hearing who demonstrate unreasonable behaviour. Apparently the inherently unreasonable behaviour of PSG getting a gravel pit license under false pretenses (i.e. above water table application) only to follow it up shortly afterwards with a below water table application is exempt from that standard.

Kevin Thompson, lawyer for Woolwich, advised that currently Woolwich Township have four peer reviews of PSG reports underway including Traffic, Cultural Heritage, Dust, and Air. Cultural Heritage is the slowest one, not expected for two or three more months.

Eric Davis representing five Conestogo and Winterbourne residents suggested a telephone conference call (TCC) a few weeks down the road to further clear up issues on the issues list as well as to discuss the draft procedural order. His party are mostly interested in noise and cultural heritage matters.

The LPAT Chair has put forth a tentative hearing date of November 9, 2020 for a three week hearing. The final date of the hearing will be December 1, 2020. The proposed TCC will be on October 22, 2019 at 9 am. Only the parties may speak however the public and participants can listen in by phoning 866 6330848 . There is a code needed which we were advised was 8382912. The parties wish to confirm the Issues List, Draft Procedural Order and the hearing date itself.

Of some concern to me was Mr. Berton's twice making the point that the Jigs Hollow Pit is already a licensed pit and hence there is very little substantive matters to discuss. I don't think so regarding the damn proposed lake beside the Grand River caused by the massive below water table excavations proposed.

The last item discussed was a new LPAT rule restricting oral presentations from participants. This new rule came into effect after the participants had already obtained their status as such.

This hearing certainly appears to be a long ways away and I have my doubts as to the final result.

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