Saturday, February 16, 2019


That's the bad news. The good news is that Canadian corruption to date, I don't think can hold a candle to American, Syrian, Indian, Russian, and oh so many other countries around the world. My concern is that corruption like usurping authority by politicians simply grows if it is not resisted. Usurping authority is of course a form of corruption in its own right.

So our good looking, fortunately last named Prime Minister decided to brag about his former Attorney-General still being in Cabinet and hence she clearly didn't think that she had been over ruled regarding the SNC-Lavallan potential prosecution. Upon that remark the recently demoted to Veteran Affairs Minister promptly resigned leaving our silly Prime Minister holding the bag, in the shit, or whatever other metaphor you care to use which indicates that his small brain is compensated for by his big mouth.

It seems pretty obvious to all and sundry that corruption in various forms exists wherever human beings have the opportunity to do so. Politics is simply the best and easiest location to lie, deceive, manipulate and generally have your way with both facts and the truth.

As I mentioned a couple of days back here in Woolwich Township we have our Council authorizing expenditures on lawyers to defend the indefensible because a couple of councillors and staff think it's O.K. to teach uppity citizens a lesson, all the while spending taxpayers money to do so. The issue before the court in Kitchener is that the Township neither put a legal easement on Mr. Rattasid's property nor have they expropriated it, rented, leased or bought it outright yet they continue to use his property for their waterline both to the detriment of his use of his property as well as without paying him compensation for their illegal use of it. What a bunch of arrogant and stupid dummies they are.

Looking forward to this one publicly biting them in the butt as they so richly deserve. Stay tuned.

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