Saturday, February 2, 2019


Four and one quarter years ie. from October 2014 until February 2019 or ... just short of five months ie. from early last September until now or ... a mere nine days ie. from January 24, 2019 until today February 2, 2019. If there is one thing dealing with unaccountable, non-transparent, multi-national and multi-billion dollar corporate enterprises has taught me it is patience.

Of course the very same thing goes for dealing with our provincial government via the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Labour and especially the Ministry of Environment ie. MOE, MOEE, MOECC, MECP etc. In my opinion this provincial Ministry keep on changing their name, just like Uniroyal Chemical have done, in order to hide or coverup their past sins. Here's a hint to the MOE: Uniroyal are now Lanxess. I suggest that you somehow drop the M and the E which are two thirds of your original name and come up with something entirely different as Uniroyal have done.

The first paragraph lists the waiting times for Chemtura/Lanxess to address the Stroh Drain just off the east side of their property. The mere nine days is of course from the public TAG meeting until now. GHD, consultants to Lanxess, promised historical soil tests allegedly taken relevant to the Stroh property. Of course they've had them for years and should have brought them along to the TAG meeting but didn't. With their vaunted electronic data tool (E-Dat), that a local luminary supposedly assisted with, it seems odd that they haven't dug the information out yet.

What also seems odd are the stories being put forth regarding the swale, the "Gap", the Interceptor Trenches, the galvanized pipe into the Stroh Drain, and the relocation of GP-1. These stories include furrows possibly versus a swale, a walking path versus Interceptor Trenches and the volume of water in the Stroh Drain being explained as drainage from several neighbouring properties into the Stroh Drain. That last one may be half right as the Stroh Drain has drained the wetlands on both sides of the border between the Lanxess and Stroh property.

I have also been looking for answers to a number of these questions. Some of them I have found, others not. What I find bizarre is the lack of both logical answers from GHD and Lanxess as well as any kind of backup evidence whatsoever, offered to date. The MOE's lack of input has also been bizarre. Some of the allegations especially in regards to the Interceptor Trench speak to possible collusion and corruption yet they are remaining silent other than to say they won't immediately order soil, sediment and water testing in and around the Stroh Drain. The existence of the Stroh Drain itself they have not denied, however with multiple witnesses as well as photographs that would be self-defeating for them. This has been a coverup for a very long time. Continuing it will eventually blow up in Lanxess's and the MOE's faces.

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