Saturday, February 9, 2019


I wonder if at any time in history Woolwich or any other municipal government in Ontario has so viciously and nastily attacked their own volunteers the way Woolwich did on April 9, 2015? While Todd Cowan set the standard for wholesale turnover of a volunteer committee in 2011, he went out of his way not to personally attack the character or efforts of the citizens who had in some cases been involved with CPAC for several terms. Mayor Cowan at the time simply made standard references to wanting to go in a new direction, etc. He did not falsely suggest as Sany Shantz and friends did on April 9, 2015 that the 2010 to 2014 CPAC were "roadblocks to progress"or that they were involved in "bullying and aggressive" behaviour, or that there was a "lack of control in meeting." How dare such an ignorant group of alleged "stakeholders" speak so ill of a CPAC committee that fifteen out of seventeen of them had not regularly attended in the previous four years.

Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of Environment certainly could be expected to criticize CPAC from their positions of corruption and dishonesty. For fellow citizens such as Pat and Susan however it was disgraceful. In contrast neither the current CPAC members nor myself have ever criticized the new TAG members who were appointed by Sandy Shantz. A couple of them are very good but even the totally inexperienced members have been working hard over the last three and a half years to get up to speed.

CPAC members were so disgusted by the false and scurrilous comments in the Minutes of the April 9, 2015 "stakeholders" meeting that all but one refused to apply for a second time to be on the new committees. That second application process in itself was a sham as CPAC members along with Pat and Susan had already applied in November 2014 but nobody else did which upset Sandy and her brain trust on Council. Therefore they intentionally provoked and alienated CPAC members into refusing to reapply. In fact, speaking for myself, I would be hard pressed to ever apply for any volunteer position with Woolwich Township ever again after their filthy and disgusting behaviour. The independence and credibility of committees of council are always suspect but here in Woolwich it is far worse. This Township now have a history of dishonest behaviour, second to none. They simply are not worthy of the efforts and dedication of Woolwich residents and citizens.

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