Wednesday, February 13, 2019


The evidence is overwhelming. No one has denied the existence of a Drain running approximately for 175 metres, north to south, parallel and a mere 20 metres away from the Lanxess property line. No one has denied the lines that are visible from satellite and or aerial photographs running from north to south-east across the Lanxess property (Interceptor Trenches?). To date no one has denied the existence of maps indicating that GP-1 (gravel pit 1) has three different locations on the Lanxess property depending on which map you look at. No one has denied that there is an underground pipe, oriented north to south, discharging constantly into the north end of the Stroh Drain. Clearly this is groundwater in the pipe.

What surprised me at the January 24, 2019 after the TAG meeting, meeting, was the complete absence of any attempt to explain any of it. Nothing! No answers, no attempts to give possible explanations, no theories, nothing. In fact, I was the one that suggested that one part of the lines on the satellite and aerial photos might actually be a fence built just prior to the 1993 excavation of RPE-4 & 5. The other lines I still believe most likely to be an Interceptor Trench but am awaiting any other plausible or even half plausible suggested alternative from Lanxess. Nothing.

As I said to Ramin Ansari and Lou Almeida on January 24/19, the presence or absence of an Interceptor Trench does not negate the environmental seriousness of the presence of the Stroh Drain. That Drain should have been pointed out to citizens thirty years ago and its history explained. It was not. Instead its presence was kept a secret even after an aerial photograph in a CRA report showed something that looked like a flat, smooth area of land arcing away from the Chemtura site. Chemtura and the MOE were publicly asked about it and George Karlos of the MOE gave his infamous answer about having just walked the area and there was no pathway by which contaminants could leave the Chemtura site and migrate to the Stroh property.

The duck theory: If it looks like a duck, if it waddles like a duck and if it quacks like a duck - it probably is a duck. The same thing goes for the Interceptor Trenches, relocated GP-1 and the purpose of the Stroh Drain was to drain both surface and ground water from Chemtura and the Stroh farm.

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  1. that meeting on the 24th made as much sense as one going to the doctor and telling the doc that they are concerned about cancer in their colon and the doc only getting their head checked and stating they found no cancer.