Saturday, July 14, 2018


The six years refers to November 2012 when Chemtura Canada, Jeff Meriman and Dwight Este all fibbed to CPAC and the public. They were quoted by the Elmira Independent stating that they were planning on tripling the volume of their groundwater pumping and treating in order to speed up the remediation and restoration of the Elmira Aquifers.Within a couple of years they started to refer to it as a doubling of the groundwater pumping rates.They didn't blink, they didn't explain, they didn't apologize, they weren't red in the face and they didn't even come close to doubling much less tripling their groundwater pumping. They are professional BS artists whose words are wind!

The latest monthly Progress Report is for June 2018. Their pumping rates did not achieve their Targets for three different wells namely on-site PW4, offsite W9 and E7. W9 is still zero since last September and the other two have new excuses. The total off-site pumping rate of all off-site wells (ie. Elmira Aquifers) is 57.2 litres per second. Back in 2012 it was usually around 52 or 53 litres per second. In other words off-site pumping has increased approximately ten per cent. This is a very long way short of doubling (ie. a 100% increase) or tripling of rates.

Elmira and Woolwich citizens have been misled, deceived and blatantly lied to by the provincial MOE, Woolwich Township, occasionally the Region of Waterloo, Uniroyal and their consultants. There should have been a huge outcry around 2001 when we first learned that Nutrite had contributed ammonia to the municipal drinking water aquifers. All those parties plus one other citizens group as well as Nutrite were parties at the Environmental Appeal Board (EAB) hearings in 1990-1992. All those parties had to know why Nutrite were present as a party. The EAB was aborted in mid hearing by the MOE and Uniroyal hence the public never got to hear either Nutrite's testimony nor their cross-examination. All the parties conveniently (for Nutrite) kept Nutrite's invovement to themselves for the next decade including when Uniroyal began fibbing to UPAC/CPAC about having underestimated THEIR ammonia contribution to the groundwater and hence needing to borrow the Region's (Elmira) Sewage treatment Plant for a couple of years to remove it. It was all bullshit. The excess ammonia was all Nutrite's which was proven at yet another EAB hearing.

Once again no apologies, no remorse, no explanations, no shame. This is the face of unaccountable, government backed professional liars and deceivers.

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