Tuesday, July 3, 2018


The devil made me do it! I just love when the MOE keep on changing their name. Funny how Lanxess (Uniroyal) have been doing the same thing. Trying to hide from their own behaviour and history seems likely to me. I was advised on the weekend that they have changed from Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) to Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MOECP). What a joke. A pig by any other name is still a pig. Or better yet putting lipstick on a pig doesn't changer what he is. Go Dougie Ford.

Further name possibilities for those of a creative bent. How about Ministry of Excuses, Corruption and Pollution? Or perhaps Ministry of Expanded Corporate Pollution. I really like that one.

I didn't go along with the last couple of meaningless and essentially stupid name changes. When it was the Ministry of Environment & Energy (MOEE) I called them the Ministry of Errors and Excuses. Since then I've stuck with either M.O.E. or MOE. MOE is appropriate as well when you think of the three stooges, Larry, Curly and MOE. MOE is obvious whereas Larry is the Ministry of Labour and Curly the Ministry of Transport. Just think of the state of driving as well as the safety these days. For the Minister of Labour try being a non-union employee in this province over the last fourty years. Discrimination is rife even when it's not about gender, race or religion. I think you get my point.

Last thought: Ministry of the Evolving Communist Party. OK that one is silly but sometimes silly is necessary.

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