Tuesday, July 10, 2018


First off this is not public consultation. I have been actively involved with UPAC, CPAC and RAC and TAG meetings since 1992. I am by far the most knowledgable local citizen bar none, or even groups of citizens, bar none, regarding geology, hydrogeology, chemistry, solvents, other contaminants, history of the site, Canagagigue Creek, contaminant fate and transport etc. All players including MOE, Lanxess, CRA, GHD, Woolwich Township, RAC, TAG, RMOW etc. know this. That said I received yesterday an APRIL 12, 2018 MOE DOCUMENT. Yes there have been worse examples of important documents being denied to and hidden and delayed from citizens but when is this going to stop? There will be Uniroyal trials as Pat Potter predicted and those guilty will be punished. Sending out documents asap to all other parties first and then waiting for them to show up on a correspondence list, literally months later, for me to begin inquiries is contemptible. Yes I have formally complained and yes I have been advised that attempts will be made to correct it. We will see.

The April 12, 2018 MOE Review is titled "RE: Lanxess Elmira - 2017 East Side Off-Site Investigation Report Groundwater Review Comments". It is written by a MOE hydrogeologist and sent to Jason Rice of the MOE who sent it along to Ramin Ansari of Lanxess Canada Co. "It is the view of the ministry that the implications of the observed NDMA exceedances in the shallow overburden on the East Side off-site Property need to be assessed." This east side property is of course the Stroh farm.To date the MOE have advised that the off-site groundwater assessment is deemed "incomplete". The MOE also clearly state that past conclusions regarding the Surficial Aquifer (SA) in Lanxess's north-east corner are totally unacceptable. This is huge especially since 2014 when the last and current CPAC proved that both ground and surface water had flowed eastwards, off-site onto the Stroh farm from the north to the south along the property line. As per page 3 the implications are that contaminated groundwater will continue to move off-site further to the east from an active or residual NDMA on-site source. "The current monitoring network in SA is deemed not adequate to conclusively confirm the existence of a flow divide and its location."

All of this has been known by the Ontario MOE, Uniroyal, CRA and other guilty parties for decades. They have all agreed to cover up this inconvenient truth for their own benefit. Myself, SWAT and CPAC brought this issue to light and paid the price of expulsion from public consultation courtesy of an incompetent and or corrupt Woolwich Council . This longterm and ongoing east side environmental cover up folks is corruption, plain and simple.

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